September 7, 2016

Expanded Metal & Walkway Mesh



Resembling a steel grid, expanded metal and walkway mesh are related categories in that their function is similiar. They are used in a number of industries including construction, architecture and security.

Expanded metal is created by stretching, flattening and slitting steel sheets and does not unravel and therefore has added strength over welded mesh.
Expanded metal products are typically used for walkways, caging, industrial ladders, machine covers, security perimeters, and so on. Handrails, stanchions, bends and accessories are also available

ITL Stainless and Steel stocks the KS43 and RS40 unbanded grating, RS40 banded trench grating, and standard stair treads. These gratings are very robust and are the preferred product for industrial walkways and heavy-duty support surfaces to ensure a slip-free environment.